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face 108: video of cut 130cm long hair

Click to download full size photos: http://de.njbozhong.com/haircutphoto/201310/longhaircut.cn-1484.rar

Please use WinRAR(download address: http://www.win-rar.com/download.html) to decompress the file after downloading


Hair cut length is 130cm, duration of video is 45'36"

Price: $14.5 USD (download version) 

Price: $19.5 USD (DVD version, include shipping fee already) 

(After you pay for DVD version by Paypal, please send email to longhaircut@hotmail.com to tell us your postal address, we will send DVD to you as soon as possible)

Thanks a lot for your continued support!

WARNING: Do not attempt to buy this download from a dial-up connection. Broadband users only please. We provide servers in different areas to choose. Do not worry about the download speed!

Note: Downloadable file is available after purchase. An e-mail will instruct you how to download this file within 1~3 business days.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to Email me at: longhaircut@hotmail.com
Any comments or suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!

face cut 1.3 meter long hair-NO.108

face cut 1.3 meter long hair-NO.108

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