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No.3: Miss Zhang: video of cut floor length long hair

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Price: $9.99 USD

Thanks a lot for your continued support!

To view the demo video in Firefox, please install an add-on plugin:

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Right click to download video: /product/UploadFiles_6083/201708/cutvideo-20170831-Zhang-demo.wmv


Price: $9.99 USD

Thanks a lot for your continued support!

This is video for download, not DVD
If you want DVD version, please email me at:

WARNING: Do not attempt to buy this download from a dial-up connection. Broadband users only please. We provide servers in different areas to choose. Do not worry about the download speed!

Note: Downloadable file is available after purchase. An e-mail will instruct you how to download this file within 1~3 business days.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to Email me at:
Any comments or suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!

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